What Happens at Scribble Press

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hard at work on the chihuahua that looks like a cat
hard at work on the chihuahua that looks like a cat
Scribble Press is the first place we know of where you can write and illustrate a book and take home a professionally bound copy within a half hour.  Kids arrive with an idea of a book they might want to write, or no idea at all.   They choose the color of their book, and whether they want a fill-in-the-blank Cueprint, or the excitement of the plain white page.   We take their author photo, then print it on the cover color of their choice.  The author selects from the massive wall of sharpies (did you know Sharpies come in 39 colors????? And we have all of them!), fill their caddy up, and sit down at a custom-made slanted artists desk to create their masterpiece.  Once the book is written and illustrated, it takes between 15 minutes and a half-hour to bind it into a beautiful, sturdy boardbook or paperback. 
That’s the basic idea.  If you don’t want to write a whole book, you can make a notepad, a placemat, notecards or just come in and doodle.   There’s more information on the website (http://scribblepress.com). 

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Scribble Press at Geffen Playhouse

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