Gadgetless creativity, who would guess?

November 24, 2009 at 3:31 am Leave a comment

There was a girl in the store today who sat for two hours and wrote and illustrated her book. For two whole hours, she sat, pens and pencil in hand, with her own thoughts, uninterrupted by the television, the computer, video games, an Ipod, Mom, Dad, sister, brother, dog, neighbor….and she was singing and smiling the whole time! Amazing!! Her output was not a 40 word twit, or a rushed text or self-indulged blog entry. It was a book. And the book made perfect sense. It was a story with a beginning, middle and end, and illustrations to boot!! Yesterday, two three year olds did a similarly amazing thing- they sat for several hours and made art. They collaged and glittered and glued and they were perfectly happy and not at all distracted. That’s what I love about Scribble Press. The low-tech approach to the brain and creativity. A chance to have a thought and stick with it. A chance to follow through, to use your imagination and not be distracted by all the technological noise that clutters our kids minds even when they are in their own homes. Scribble kids amaze me. They are kids who can sit with their thoughts for longer than two minutes. People think kids these days can’t do these things. Gadgetless creativity, who would guess? But they can, and they do every day at Scribble Press. Christy, Creative Director

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