Britney’s birthday book

December 12, 2009 at 4:41 pm Leave a comment

Last week we were asked to make a book for Britney Spears containing the birthday wishes from her fans that were tweeted to her. The book turned out beautifully, and of course who wouldn’t want a book full of people saying nice things about you?

What’s really interesting about this, however, is that it’s a traditional book made with content from social media. We’ve all heard the moaning about how new technologies such as the Kindle and Google Books signal the death of the good old cloth-bound version. No one is going to want to spend money on an actual book when they can download it, right?

That may be true for your average trashy novel or how-to guide, but for the books that have emotional resonance nothing will ever be quite as good as words printed on paper. On my bookshelf I’ve got the story of my life in books – my original copy of Macbeth with my chicken scratch 9th grade notes in the margin, my Constitutional Law textbook from my first year in law school, and hundreds of novels and classics that have meant something to me over the years. None of these books could ever be replaced by an electronic version, and I’ll cart them with me from house to house wherever our family may move.

Tweets from your fans are nice, but putting them into a book gives them a power and permanence that a web page can’t provide. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to be able to fill an entire book with birthday wishes from people we don’t know; if you happen to be one of the few who is, then put those great words in a book and keep it on your coffee table.

You can see more of Britney’s book on her website:

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