Publishing books: a whole new dimension to classes with kids

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We are now officially beginning our second session of classes at Scribble Press with our new curriculum and new teachers. The fall semester was a blast – from Colors and Things that Oink, Quack & Moo for the youngest scribblers, to ABCs, Famous Artists and Comic Books for older kids, we explored some great new classes.

Collage painting of goats from Thing That Oink, Quack and Moo (ages 2.5- 4)

Parents and kids alike enjoyed all the elements of the classes, especially the sensory activities for younger children, such as fresh warm play dough, fake mud, colored shaving cream, snow and rice,  and the art activities, like ball painting, stamping, collaging, and watercolors, and, of course, the educational aspects, which, through the use of so many tactile and luminous materials, and, with a gentle hand to guide them, made everything from learning about the alphabet, or colors, or animals, or famous artists, come to life each class in the form of a three dimensional piece of art. And when those works of art, made by each child in every class, were assembled at the end of the session, scanned and then bound into a published book, the pride and sense of wonder that appeared on every childs and every parents face made the whole thing take on a new dimension, the dimension that makes Scribble Press such a unique way to experience classes with children.

Cow collage from Things That Oink, Quack and Moo (ages 2.5 -4)

My own two year old still walks around our house, several weeks after she received her “Colors of My World” book, showing off her accomplishment. She shows her grandma every time she comes over and they sit together and read the book and marvel at it each time, getting extra pleasure from the “About the Author” section, which has my daughter’s cagey picture in it and few choice words about her current life as a published toddler author/ artist. From first hand experience as the Mom of a student in a Scribble Press class, not just as a member of the Scribble Press team, I can attest to what a fun and educational way these classes are to spend time with your little ones!

Cover of book made by 2 1/2 year old in "Colors of My World" class

Coming up this next semester, we have some brand new classes, including:

Yummy:  Cooking From Around the World (3-5 year olds)

Weird Science (4-6 year olds)

Graffiti/Poetry (3rd-5th grade)

Friendship Club (girls 3rd-5th grade)

The new session starts on Monday, January 11. See you there!

Christy, Creative Director

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