Spread the creative love this Valentine’s Day

February 1, 2011 at 2:52 pm Leave a comment

Showing people you love them is just important as saying, “I love you.”  This Valentine’s Day, creating unique and personal cards and gifts to give to loved ones will really show them you care. It’s easy to make gifts in our studio or at home – you just need some markers and little creativity! Try these ideas:

Create mini cards
Mini cards are the perfect sized Valentine’s Day cards. Adorn the front with messages like “Be Mine” or “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and use the back to write an extra personal message to your recipient. Check out our deal on Poppins Perks! You can make 30 mini cards for just $15 while helping a classroom get bookbinding materials. The offer is valid at all Scribble Press locations, so spread the love!

Write a book
Need a gift idea for one very special person? Write and illustrate a book that’s just for him or her. This book, “50 Things We Love About Daddy,” with lines like “Picks out groovy clothes for us” and “Gives the best hugs,” is the perfect mix of silly and sweet – guaranteed to make any dad’s day. If you need some help writing a book, our Cueprint, fill-in-the-blank style books with themes like “I Love You,” will provide some inspiration and help you create the perfect gift. You can also make a Valentine’s book at home by folding some pink and red construction paper in half and stapling them together.

Make a “pocket heart” craft
Cut out two hearts of the same size from construction paper and glue or staple the sides together, leaving the top separated. Decorate the hearts, and then have fun filling the inside of the pocket with candy, stickers, love notes and whatever else you can think of. For more Valentine’s Day crafting ideas, check out our February workshop calendar.

We’ll also be featuring Valentine’s Day on Club Scribble, so come visit the studio and get scribbling! And if you have other fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas, please share them in the comments section!

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