Managing End of the Year Madness

May 17, 2012 at 8:20 pm Leave a comment

Why does this time of year always feel so frantic?  Every time we turn around, there’s another end of the year school event to plan or holiday to celebrate.  We love seeing the results of all the hard work during the school year, but we also wish we could fall asleep on a beach chair and wake up on July 4th!  

Here’s a few easy ways to check some of those items off your end-of-the-school year list. 

Teacher Gifts:  Short of a trip to Hawaii, the best teacher gift we can think of is a book with a personal thank-you note from each child in it.  You could make the book by hand.  There are some neat ideas on Pinterest  – or feel free to use Scribble Press’ gift book kit.

Father’s Day:  We’d like to propose moving Father’s Day to a less busy time of year.  How about August?  Discuss. While that proposal is making its way through the corridors of power, we have a great way to wow Dad with the ultimate gift – a book or card created by hand.  If you have an iPad, your kids can write, illustrate and order a printed copy of a special book for Dad – all from your living room couch!   If you are in NYC or LA, visit one of our studios to hand-color, stamp, sticker, write and otherwise create your special gift book at one of our studios

All That Artwork:  We know, the piles of artwork coming home from school just seem to get bigger and bigger…You Custom gallery art book can either spend hours going through the artwork and creating a scrapbook, or you can put it all in the mail to us and turn it into a beautiful 11×11 coffee table book!  Moms rave about our custom gallery books – and when you get yours you can archive the original art in the attic, or even (gasp) decide you no longer need the originals. 

We’re still exhausted just thinking about all the plays, medal ceremonies, graduations, and thank you gifts – but at least we know the school year will be commemorated, celebrated and topped off in style!

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