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Are you planning a trip with your family this summer?  Are you currently on vacation?  Did you just get back from an amazing journey?  Are you looking for a creative way to document your time together?  Do you have an iPad?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions – these fun tips might be just for you!

Taking vacations can be full of fun memories.  By downloading our FREE ipad app, you will have access to a myriad of fun tools and templates that will help guide your storytelling process.  Not only does this provide an exciting activity to do together, but you will have an online scrapbook of your time that you can share with others.  You can even convert it into a hard copy book and we will mail it to you!  This is a great way to involve the entire family – including the youngest of them.

With this app, you can help promote creativity in your kids by having them create their own story and illustrations using our virtual stamps, stickers, and markers.  Importing and incorporating your own photos is a neat option too!  As they begin to articulate their experiences through writing and drawing – it not only becomes a fun activity, but also a teaching moment.  It helps them to learn the foundations of storytelling (“who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “how”), practice spelling and grammar, build confidence through self-expression, and awaken the little author and artist in them!


ImageAre you planning a long plane or car ride?  Take a handful of books for your kids to read.  After they’re done reading, ask them to create their own story on our iPad app inspired by that book. You can help with brainstorming by asking open-ended questions like “What sort of adventure would you go on if the main character was here on the plane/car with you?”  This fun activity will help bolster reading comprehension while giving them space to practice creative thinking.

Some good questions to ask:

[Kids: Ages 2-5]

1)  What did you see…hear…taste…touch…smell?

2)  What was your favorite part of the trip?

3)  To promote learning colors or letters, look for a specific color or word that corresponds with the theme each day and include it in the book.  For example:  You can title the book “The Colors of My Vacation”.  The first day could be the “Blue” page.  You can write about the beach and draw the blue ocean.  You can also write about the “ABC’s of my Vacation”.  For letter “B” day, you can draw and write about the “blue balloon” or “bikes on a boulevard” that you saw that day.  A fun challenge:  Try seeing “Baby Beluga” while doing that!

4)       Make it a fun game!  Kids will rise to the challenge.

Tip: Virtual stamps and stickers are great to use for this age!

[Kids: Ages 6 and above]

1)  Could you imagine yourself living here?  How would your life be different?

2)  If they’re avid photographers, encourage them to include their photos of ticket stubs, postcards, unique artifacts, landmarks, etc. into their story and type out their own text.

3)  If you’re in a foreign country, create a dictionary of your favorite words in their native language.

4) Collect feelings, tastes, smells, and reactions to cultural differences.

5)  Introduce concepts of metaphor, simile, and alliteration into your story.


This is a fun idea for family reunions!  Cousins can work on different pages together.  Make a book full of your favorite inside jokes or fun memories you had and email it to your whole family!  The carefree delights of summertime can continue year-round!  You can also convert the iPad book into a self-made passport of sorts!  Each page can be dedicated to a new town or site or park you visit…use one of our unique stamps to mark your arrival!

If you’re a new user, check out this helpful video tutorial that shows you how to use our app step-by-step This was filmed by a Scribble Press user from Australia (thank you, iPadagogy!).

We’d love to read your vacation stories! After you finish writing, don’t forget to add it to our eBook shelf to share it with us!

-Grace Lee (Community Manager)

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