Creating Thanksgiving stories with Scribble Press

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In the United States, we are in that small pause before the holiday insanity of black friday and holiday shopping and finishing end of the year school and work projects.  What a great time to step back with our kids and create a book about what we are thankful for, or write a narrative celebrating Thanksgiving traditions.

In the Scribble Press gallery, there are some terrific examples including When the Turkey Ran Away by Lorelei and Favorite Fall Things by Erin – many more I would love share about thankfulness, but the authors are only sharing them privately.

thanksgiving image

There are some great Thanksgiving writing p

rompts from unique teaching resources that would work well for a home project with Scribble Press for iPad as well.

We have a great Story Pack available on the iPad or the website for creating Thanksgiving stories – see the details here 

This is my favorite holiday – its about food, family and gratitude.  My six year old said, when asked what he was thankful for, “I’m glad we have desks so I don’t have to sit on the floor.”  How wonderful to be able to see the everyday things and be thankful.

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