Across the Curriculum: Great Book Projects with Scribble Press

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It’s been a while since we have posted about how elementary school classrooms are using Scribble Press and there are some innovative projects happening around the country and the world that we wanted to share.  Thanks to all the teachers who have shared their class books in the public gallery so that we can all learn and be inspired.

Spanish:  We’re seeing lots of books posted illustrating students’ knowledge of verb declensions.  It’s a great format to show you’ve mastered all the forms.  Other classes are creating reports about different countries’ environmental problems to show mastery of vocabulary.  Here’s a goodexample .

Using Scribble Press to find and document simple machines in the classroom

Using Scribble Press to find and document simple machines in the classroom

Math: Many classrooms are using Scribble Press to create math stories.  We love this example created by a fifth grade teacher.

Science:  Wow!  So many great science projects.  Check out this book about simple machines – this project uses the iPad camera to send students on a scavenger hunt for simple machines in the classroom, and then write about it.   A great group project.

Social Studies:  Historical biography projects work really well on Scribble Press.  Here’s a nice one of Abraham Lincoln, complete with creative spelling!

Creative Writing:  With the huge library of “fill in the blank” story outlines, students can get off to a fast start creating their own stories.  Allison wrote this one,  The Dog Ate My Homework, “only for people ho like dogs.”

In closing, here are some great tips about using Scribble Press for iPad.  These are some questions that have frequently been posted in reviews or sent in via email so we wanted to share them with you.

Printing.  A printed book ordered from us is $14.95 plus shipping,  However, we DO offer volume discounts for classes – just email us.  Also, you can download a PDF once a book is shared, right from our website, and print it however you like.

Sharing.  Books can be shared and unshared, made public or switched back to private, but in different places.  “Unsharing” happens in the App, and “make private” happens on the website, once a book has been uploaded.  “Unsharing” means that no one will be able to find the book, even if they have the direct page link.  “Make private” means that only people who have the link can see the book – it won’t show up in the searchable gallery.

Content packs.  Some of you have asked about how to create your own content packs or story outlines, or whether we can offer more choices.  We are planning to build a system allowing teachers to create their own content packs and share them (or even charge for them!) but that is probably for the following school year.  In the meantime, we’ll be launching some new packs in the spring and adding new stickers and story outlines.

We continue to be thrilled with how many classrooms and parents are using Scribble Press!  Thanks for all the creative applications you’ve come up with and please share your feedback and stories from your classrooms.

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